Sleep Study Device

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Sleep Study Device
  1. Home Sleep Study enables you to complete a comprehensive test of your sleep, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
  2. Avoid expensive sleep lab costs.
  3. Straight-forward and easy-to-use testing process.
  4. This advanced diagnostic solution includes differentiation between obstructive and central apneas, as well as Cheyne-Stokes probability detection.
  5. US FDA Approved for critical data like :
    1. AHI (Apnea hypopnea index)
    2. Oxygen saturation
    3. Respiratory efforts
    4. Pulse
    5. Nasal flow
    6. Snore
  6. Validated reports as per American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Guidelines.
  7. Single page report with option of detailed signal view.
  • Product included
    • ApneaLink Air recorder device
    • Software installation CD
    • USB download cable
    • 1 reusable belt
    • Oximeter reusable soft sensor (8000SM) – Medium
    • XPOD LP oximeter
    • XPOD LP oximeter clip
    • 3 nasal cannulas
    • Carry bag
    • 2 AAA batterie
    • ApneaLink Air patient instructions

  • Feature 

    • One-touch operation with an intuitive Start/Stop button.
    • Longer recording time (~12 hours) and increased storage capacity (~48 hours).
    • Test complete light provides feedback on recording time to users.
    • Good signal indicators to help successful set ups.
    • Reliable automatic analysis:
      • AHI(Apnea hypopnea index)
      • ODI(Oxygen Desaturation Index)
      • Flow limitation
    • Validated result AASM Guidelines.
    • Flexible image options


  • Service support

    • 1 year manufacturing defect warranty on machine, not covering any physical defect.
    • Accessories not cover under warranty
    • 8am to 8pm technical support available

  • Indication

    • Sleep study
    • OSA- Obstructive sleep apnea
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