Trained Attendants

Trained Attendants

Are you looking for home attendant services for your parents? Is your loved one just got discharged after surgery and you want uncompromised attention for them? Are you worried about your family member’s chronic disease management? Shalby Home Care services are a solution to all your problems. Call for our trained attendant at home and be assured of quality and attentive care for your loved ones.


Home Care Attendant Service is needed to assist the patient post discharge at home in performing his / her daily routine to gradually achieve the mobility for optimum health outcome which include Feeding , Movement , Grooming , Hygene & intimation of oral medication in time , Emotional assistance.


Shalby have developed an Expertise, An Art & An Experience of multi decades in serving the clients, with similar passion to cater the medical requirements at home Shalby’s Home Care Provides

  • Trained on the Protocols of Shalby Hospitals with hands on training for Home Care Scope
  • Internal Talent Grooming by Shalby’s L&D (Learning & Development) Deptt.
  • Certified with GDA
  • Address & Background verified by EY (World leader in Consulting)

Types of Trained Attendant Service at Home

  • Long Term (12 hrs , 24 Hrs)
  • Trained Attendant Care Packages ( Weekly , Fortnightly , Monthly )

Benefits of Shalby’s Home Care

  • Trained Attendant Care at Home .
  • Proper Care Plan in line with the discharge summary & recommendations of Treating Doctor .
  • All Medical Records / Outcomes stored digitally
  • Expert Advice of Specialist Doctors Available as & when required Online / In person
  • In Case of Emergency , Shalby’s Ambulance & Hospital Admission Facility Available
  • A Comprehensive Care with Holistic Approach for all Health Care Solutions at Home covering Service , Pathology , Pharmacy , Medical Equipments .

Standard Operating Process for Nursing Service at Home.

A detailed SOP & Protocol will be discuss with Patient / Family before starting service.

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