Physiotherapy Single Limb

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Physiotherapy Single Limb

Physiotherapy has a wide range of specialties and people can opt for physiotherapy for any of the following medical issues:

Physiotherapy Treatment at Home is provided for the following conditions:

  • Back Pain - Passive physical therapy (modalities), which includes things done to the patient, such as heat application, ice packs, and electrical stimulation & Active physical therapy, which focuses on specific exercises and stretching are extremely useful when it comes to smoothening chronic and acute back pain.
  • Neck Pain - Passive physical therapy, which involves treatments being applied without effort from the patient. Numerous treatment methods are available, such as applying ice packs, heat therapy, massage therapy, ultrasound, electrotherapy, and other Active physical therapy, which involves the patient moving his/her own body through exercises and stretching. It also  strengthens and brings flexibility to the neck. These muscles may become less painful and the person can better able to maintain good posture
  • Knee Pain – Effective exercises like leg raise, bridge, wall squats, step-ups help in curbing pain in the knee and bring back the flexibility to a great extent.
  • Fractures – Manual therapy, bracing, soft tissue stretching, pain relief modalities, etc. are administered to heal fractures and dislocations. These therapies and exercises have proven to be effective.
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Chest Physiotherapy
  • Special Physiotherapy for Elderly patients
  • Parkinson’s
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • COPD
  • Cardio Vascular Disease
  • Post Stroke Recovery & Neurological Conditions
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