We believe, there is no better to heal for a patient than in the peace and comfort of their own home, and so, we strive to provide hospital-like services at your home.

Shalby "Homecare” is an extension of Shalby’s firm belief that patients prefer healthcare services in the comfort of their homes and this home care giver concept helps recuperation fast and smooth. With the growing concept of nucleus families, home health care services find a place of convenience for expert healthcare which saves time and alleviate concerns of family members about the ailing members of the family, mostly the elderly. Once a patient is placed in the hands of Shalby Homecare team, the patient and the family will breathe the air of freedom and our home health care providers will help the healing process smooth in the environment of patient’s own home, eliminating the need to visit a hospital or clinic.

Shalby Homecare is an off shoot of Shalby’s multi-specialty expertise amassed over 22 years of expert healthcare. The services offered under the banner of Shalby Homecare has the full backing and support of a healthcare conglomerate providing services in over 40 therapeutic specialties. Be it Doctor on call, Nursing on call, Attendant on call, Pathology on call, Pharmacy on call, Medical equipment or Physiotherapist on call, the homecare services from Shalby has an edge over others in terms of quality, reliability and expertise. Any “Homecare” service being availed by a patient in any family will have the hallmark of trust and compassionate healthcare that Shalby is famed for over two decades, globally.

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